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It was published on HP.

March 26 (Sunday) Weekly Playboy “Weekly News” “[I want to work at such a company!]“ Thank you card ”, employees recognize the value, a small bakery solves the world's“ worries ” Do it! ”Was introduced about our products and initiatives!


It was published on HP.

At the weekly Playboy "Weekly NEWS" on Monday, March 19
“[I want to work at a company like this!] On March 11th,“ Let ’s Bake Bread! ”-Bread Akimoto, who has been supporting visits in the affected areas for 6 years, was introduced about our efforts!


It was published on HP.

Yahoo News column on Saturday, March 11
“Thinking about disaster prevention with 3.11 disposal of discarded foods not counted as food loss in Japan, 1.76 million meals, 300 million yen in 5 years”
Introduced our products and services!