Kyu-Can-Cho Project

Kyu-Can-Cho Project

Kyu-Can-Cho Project
fights anagainst world starvation.

The “Kyu-Can-Cho project” or Kyu-Can-Cho Project as it is called in Japanese is an emergency ration
project to help fight against world starvation.Akimoto “Canned Bread” works on world starvation measures
to help provide starvation relief. The Pan Akimoto company has followed a principle to provide
"bread which is delicious because it provides relief and security" to people around the world.
That has been a prime goal since when Pan Akimoto opened its doors over 60 years ago. This founding principle
has not changed and as a result the Canned help bird has been helping out around the world since 2009.
With bread made by Pan Akimoto, we want to spread spirit and smiles all over the world. Please help us with our dream.

Sep.2011 Kenya report

Kyu-Can-CHO’s Five Features

1. Two sizes to choose.

You can choose the one you like: 200g cans for "Kyu-Can-Cho" and 100g cans for "Kyu-Can-Cho Jr.".

2. Become a donation.

Unlike regular emergency food, you can participate in relief activities to save the world's hunger.

3. Soft texture

Because it is the same soft texture as the bread you usually eat, it is an easy to eat and delicious emergency food.

4. The world's first canned bread.

It is an emergency food that can be used with peace of mind in consideration of health.

How Kyu-Can-Cho works.

There are many problems in the world e.g. war, famine, destabilization of a country making transportation
of goods slow. This is why we need a year to get it to them. After they eat the bread they can use for other
things such as a cup, or a bowl.


Keep Kyu-Can-Cho for a certain period.

Home, school, condominium, company, local government
Stockpile "Kyu-Can-Cho" for emergency and earthquake countermeasures for two and a half years.
After stockpiling, we will guide you to support activities 2-3 months before collection.


We collect your Kyu-Can-Cho.

It can be collected at the time of delivery only when there is a next purchase again.
*There is no trade-in discount. The number of recoverable items is
The number of cans purchased this time is the upper limit
A letter of appreciation will be given to the support activity participants upon request.


Send Kyu-Can-Cho to starving nation.

Collected "Kyu-Can-Cho" are sent to NGOs, etc., and transported to donors through containers through NGOs.


You can help save the world.

People who suffer from hunger receive Kyu-Can-Cho.

You can send messages all over the world.

You can write a message of encouragement on the can
for those who will receive the bread.
Communication helps people in the world be better friends.
You can be a part of the international community.

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