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CEO Message

CEO Message

I would like to express my thanks for your loyal patronage. We were able to celebrate our 65th year in business last year. We started as Akimoto bakery, then became a private limited company, now we have become a company limited. Here today primarily due to the unstinted support from our customers and the community. We will continue working hard to grow toward our 100th year in business as we provide our original “Canned bread”. We have always taken root in our community and we are also focusing on the future of the world. I'd like to thank again for your cooperation.

The President & Representative Director
Yoshihiko Akimoto

January 2013

Company profile

Pan-Akimoto is not only makes world famous canned bread, eaten in space, we are also a bakery in Nasu Kogen. It’s about 120 km north of Tokyo near Mt.CHAUSUDAKE the pride of Nasu. We bake and deliver only the most fresh and delicious bread to Hotels and Grocery stores all over Nasu. We’ve been baking bread for locals to enjoy for the last 65 years. If you’ve visited Nasu before chances are you have tried our bread. If you haven’t we invite you to Nasu for friendly people and wonderful bread.

Company name PAN AKIMOTO CO., LTD.
Head office and factory 〒329-3147
295-4 Higashikoya, Nasushiobara-shi, Tochigi, Japan
TEL:+81-287-65-3351 FAX:+81-287-65-3353
Okinawa factory 〒904-2234
12-78 Suzaki, Uruma-shi, Okinawa, Japan
TEL:+81-98-921-4570 FAX:+81-98-921-4571
Capital 35 million Yen
Directors President & Representative Director : Yoshihiko Akimoto
Managing Director : Shizuko Akimoto
Employees 60


Akimoto Pan was founded in 1947, and the factory was designated for “Food distribution” by the public corporation, the factory was built in 1988. “Canned bread” was developed in 1995 after “The Great Hanshin Earth Quake” of 1995. The company changed its name to “Pan-Akimoto Limited” in 2000, and established a new office in Tokyo. In 2004 the capital of Pan-Akimoto increased to 35 million yen. In 2005 a new factory started operation in Okinawa, and was certified by United States Health Administration in 2007. The canned bread was taken into space by the shuttle Discovery, and “The Kyu-Can-Cho” project started in 2009.


January, 1974 “Tochigi School Meal Society's Chairperson’s Prize”
January, 1974 “Tochigi Board of Education's Chairperson’s Prize”
July, 1998 “Canned Bread” patent acquisition in China
April, 2000 “Canned Bread” patent acquisition in Japan, United States and Taiwan
November, 2000 “Director at the 50th Tochigi Invention Exhibition Kanto Ministry of
International Trade and Industry Prize”
October, 2001 Winning “Secretary of Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation for Small and
Medium Enterprise Agencies prize for Encouragement”
December, 2005 “Japanese Economy of News paper Inc.'s President Prize”(Excellent Food Shop Section)
March, 2006 Regional Economy Prize For “Creative Vitality”
February, 2007 United States Armed Forces sales permission "Food Inspection" authorization acquisition
February, 2008 “Momofuku Ando Prize”(Invention discovery prize for encouragement)
June, 2009 “Canned Food” Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Top 40 Food Selections"
August, 2009 “E mark” certification
February, 2010 First with bread “Winning” “Tochigi Industry Vitality Award” excellence prize
April, 2010 “Canned Help Bird” trademark registration
February, 2011 “Secretary Of Small And Medium Enterprise Agency Prize”
August, 2011 “Contributed to toward restoration, the revival of The Great East Japan Earthquake
Disaster Minister of Economy Trade and Industry Company Commendation”
January, 2012 prize for “Tochigi Industrial Economic Contribution”
February, 2012 The Ninth Company Philanthropy Award special Prize “Symbiosis That Bread Carries”
April, 2012 Ground Self-Defense Force “Letter Of Appreciation”